Rwanda – Biofuels

After 6 years working principally in East Africa it has developed a platform for a world-class bio-fuel operation in Rwanda, as part of a portfolio of renewable energy projects throughout the region.

Eco Positive has secured 25,000 acres of land on a 49-year lease, licences, tax benefits and other incentives in Rwanda, based on a contract with the Government of Rwanda, signed in 2009, in the presence of Rt Hon Tony Blair.

Bio-fuel production is being developed using Jatropha, a hardy perennial crop, which grows on marginal land, avoiding any competition with food crops. The Company has developed one of the largest nurseries in East Africa with a local workforce of up to 1,000 people employed.

At full capacity Eco Positive will supply over 15% of Rwanda's annual diesel requirement, generating revenues of US$22m and EBIT of nearly US$14m per annum, with a government mandate to blend biofuel & imported diesel effectively creating first-mover advantage for Eco Positive. The project will generate additional sustainable benefits to the country including wealth creation through mass employment (~4,000 people) and local infrastructure development.